There are many people who have a fear of snakes, and as there are several venomous species this fear is a natural reaction to the fact that some species of snakes can actually be dangerous to people. When it comes to the worst situation that people can imagine, the idea of sitting on a toilet and finding a snake coming up through the toilet bowl could be close to their worst nightmare. However, is it possible for snakes to climb up through the plumbing of a domestic property, and make it up into the toilet bowl, or is this just a myth that has been made up by people with too much of an imagination?

A Snake’s Climbing Ability?

One thing that cannot be argued is that many snake species are actually quite talented climbers, and the main reasons for this ability developing is both to allow them access to the food sources in trees, and also as a way of getting away from potential predators. It is also true to say that snakes can climb walls and other relatively flat surfaces, and it does this by being able to grip tightly on to the surface with its body, allowing it to climb up. The difference when it comes to plumbing will often be the surface of the pipes, as if it is a very smooth surface such as plastic then it is unlikely to be able to climb up, clay pipes may offer the snake more purchase.

Variations In Different Snake Species

There can be a fair number of variations in snake species and how well they can climb, but one misconception is that it is only smaller snake species that can climb, but actually many larger snake species can climb too. Largely the variation in between the different species will depend on whether or not they need to access food sources in trees, which will mean that some snakes can climb, and others will not. Unfortunately, there doesn’t tend to be a variation in between venomous and non-venomous species, as there are some venomous snakes that are able to climb.

How Likely Is A Snake To Climb Up The Plumbing Into A Toilet?

Being able to climb is not necessarily an indication that a snake is likely to climb into the plumbing of a property however, as the snakes are usually likely to be in a particular area because their food sources are present. This can explain why snakes are sometimes found in drains and sewers where rats are present, but in truth for them to climb into a plumbing system is pretty rare. However, in some cases it can happen and although it is unlikely, there are documented cases where snakes have been able to climb up the plumbing into a domestic property.

Protecting Your Plumbing From Animals

The majority of properties that have a modern plumbing system will already have a main drain cover in place, which is designed to allow all of the waste water and sewage from the property, while preventing anything from coming the other way. The difficulty is when you have older plumbing systems when these grates are not in place, or when these have become old and are either broken or damaged allowing animals to pass these. If you are moving in to a new property then it is worth having this checked out if you are worried about the prospect of snakes and other animals getting in, or alternatively you can also install a multi-flap in your toilet, which does the same job but only for the toilet itself.

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