How To Scare A Snake Away

Snakes are among the most misunderstood animal species in many areas, and because a small number of these animals are venomous, there are many people who are scared of all snakes and want to make sure that they are kept away. In fact, snakes can actually be quite good neighbors as they will kill any rats and mice in the area, as rodents are one of the most common food sources for snakes. However, if they do find a way to get into your property, then they can become a nuisance, while for some people it is just natural to want to try and scare such animals away regardless of the benefits that having them in the area can have.
The Snake’s Natural Reaction To People

There are many different snake species to be found in the region, and their reaction to encountering people will usually be the same, which is to avoid coming into contact with them where possible. Indeed, there are many snake species that have excellent hearing and can even sense vibrations through the ground, so for many people they will never see the snake and it will have slithered away long before the person or other potential threat gets close. In some cases, the snake may be bromating or hasn’t warmed up properly, which is when some people may come into contact with snakes, as they are not aware enough to flee.

What If The Snake Doesn’t Flee When It Encounters You?

If you do encounter a snake, then making noise will usually be enough to send the snake fleeing, as long as it can find an appropriate escape route to get away from you. However, if the snake doesn’t try to escape, it may be because it cannot find an appropriate escape route, and in this case you shouldn’t try to get too close, as the snake may then go into a self-defense mode and may try to bite you. If the snake doesn’t immediately flee, then back away slowly from the snake until you are in a safe position and well away from the snake. If the snake was close to your property, then you may want to consider setting a trap to catch the animal.

Will Snake Repellents Scare A Snake Away?

There are a range of different commercial repellents that will claim to be able to get rid of snakes from a yard or garden, or even to drive them from an attic if they have nested there. In truth, these repellents will be largely ineffective when it comes to dealing with a snake problem, and regardless of whether it is an audio repellent or a chemical repellent, there is very little evidence to suggest these repellents will keep snakes away. Indeed, if using a repellent delays the removal work, using these repellents can in some cases actually become a problem, as the snake is more likely to have settled in and found a nest.

Making Your Garden Or Yard Less Attractive To Snakes

Although repellents won’t scare snakes away, there certainly are changes that you can make in and around your property that will make it less attractive to snakes, and doesn’t require the scaring of any snakes. Dealing with their food sources is one important step, and making sure that any rats or mice in and around your property are trapped and dealt with promptly can make it less likely that you will have snakes around your home. Removing potential sources of cover such as wood piles and low hanging shrubs and plants where snakes like to hide can also make it less likely that you will have snakes around your home.

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