Plants That Keep Snakes Away

In their natural habitats snakes are creatures that are excellent hunters, and can also help to deal with pest species such as rodents and other animals that can cause crop damage and other problems. However, with increasing urbanization and more human settlements the areas where snakes come into contact with people are increasing, and this can cause a number of problems. Venomous snakes are naturally the biggest concern for people, but even non-venomous snakes can bite people and pets in and around a yard or garden, so if you are in an area that is prone to snakes then it is worth considering how you can adapt your garden to drive snakes away.

Flowers That Are Said To Repel Snakes

There are several species of flowers that you can plant which are said to drive snakes away, and it will often be flowers that are planted with bulbs that are said to be unpleasant to snakes. The way in which they repel the snakes will vary according to the sources, with some plants having a sap that is said to be an irritant, while others will have a scent that is unpleasant to the snakes. The most common flowers that are said to be a natural snake repellent are marigolds, but others include pink agapanthus and the South African flower tulbaghia violacea.

Other Plants Said To Repel Snakes

Other plants are also said to be repellent to snakes, and other vegetables which have a strong scent are also said to help repel snakes, which can include garlic and onions. There are also grasses such as lemon grass which is said to repel snakes due to its scent, while andrographis paniculata is said to have bitter leaves and roots which can cause discomfort to the snakes. The difficulty with plants is that it is difficult to say how effective they are at repelling snakes, and studies tend to show that repellents, both natural and commercial do not tend to keep snakes away from a property. However, if you are likely to use the vegetables, or you like the way the flowers look then planting these in your garden won’t do any harm.

Adapting Your Garden To Make It Less Attractive To Snakes

While planting certain species may not be a great way of repelling snakes, there are several ways in which you can adapt your yard or garden to make it less attractive as a spot for snakes to come to. Removing the food sources is one good way to do this, and if you do have snakes coming to your yard then it can be a sign that there are rats or mice present, so dealing with any rodents present can help keep snakes away. Another useful step that can be helpful is to remove potential sources of cover for the snakes, so keeping the lawn trimmed and removing any open wood piles or low hanging branches can also help to keep snakes away from your property.

Trapping And Removing Problem Snakes

While reducing the features that will attract snakes to your property can be one good approach, in some cases you may need to physically remove the snakes if they are nesting or persistently returning to your property. Using an adhesive trap is one way to do this, and there are a variety of sizes available, to suit the type of snake that you need to catch. Once caught, make sure that you relocate the snake well away from your property, and in an area that is clear of any other domestic or commercial properties. If you are at all worried about carrying out this work, there are also plenty of local professional animal removal experts who will be able to deal with the snake for you.

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